Types of bow

Recurve Bow

The Recurve bow has, as the name implies, Limbs that curve back the opposite way to which they begin. They re-curve. This builds in power and a shorter less powerful Bow set up can in fact due to this design, perform at a much greater level. Sights can also be found on these Bows but without magnification. Many Archers use stabilisation on these Bows too. The Recurve Bow has its roots in the Middle East and can be seen in many artists’ depictions from the Bible and other ancient works.

Compound Bow

The Compound Bow utilises cam action to hold the heavy draw weight and propel the Arrow to the Target. Also found on the Compound can be magnified sights and stabilisation devices. The Archer can also use a ‘Release Aid’ which saves the heavy weight cutting into their hand as they hold the string at full draw.

Traditional Bow

Mongolian Bows and others such as Saracen Bows are replicas of Bows used by those ancient peoples. These Bows and the Long Bow are used as they are, no aids are permitted nor in fact wanted, this is traditional type shooting. The modern Recurve Bow can be shot in this way as well and its termed ‘Bare-Bow’ to reflect the fact that the Archer is using the basic Bow as it is without additions to assist.