Getting Started

A message from the Coaching Team

Here at Chichester Bowmen, training and coaching take various forms, from teaching the novice at one end of the spectrum to helping competent archers at the other.

If you’re thinking about taking up archery whats stopping you, there are very few limitations to enjoying our wonderful sport…

We have a number of courses to suit most people from a quick 2 hour introduction in the form of our Have-A-Go, or for something slightly longer try our introduction to Archery course.


We advise a minimum age of eight years and whilst it is possible to start archery at any age, it does take concentration, patience, listening skills and the ability to try and try again, young people are growing and as bone grows faster than muscle, damage could occur in very young children.

There is no maximum age limit, although you need to bear in mind that there is a certain amount of strength required to pull a bow and the need for flexibility particularly in your shoulder joints.


Archery is for everyone. You need no special ability to start and your training with Chichester Bowmen will help to improve your confidence in handling a bow which will lead to the ability to be successful in this sport.

All our courses are run by Chichester Bowmen volunteers who give up their own time free of charge. Fees charged for our courses go to support coaches in their training and development and maintenance of the beginners equipment you will be using.

For further information on our courses please click here.