AGB Junior Progress Awards

The Archery GB Progress Awards is open to all junior archers to help develop their archery skills and can be achieved alongside our own progress award scheme.

The progress Award badge is awarded by shooting a qualifying score based on Age, Gender, Distance and Bow style score.

Shooting requirements are as follows:

• Shooting may be indoors or outdoors.
• The archer must shoot 36 arrows in ends of 6 arrows. This may be shot in one session of 36 arrows or in 2 sessions of 18 arrows each.
• A maximum of 12 arrows warm-up is allowed per session.
• Scoring requirements vary according to:

o Bow style:
Longbow/Barebow/Fibreglass bow
o Age
o Gender
o Target face size
o Distance

Latest tables and scores required can be found here….

Junior Recurve

Junior Compound


A badge colour can only be claimed once irrespective of age group or bow style. However, missed colours may be claimed when a junior archer moves up an age group.

Archery GB Junior Progress Awards
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