Winter Archery Coaching Workshops


Two of the six workshop sessions have now taken place, but there are still four coming up, that’s two on 11th February and the final two on 11th March. But they are filling up, with no more than six places left in any session, so don’t leave it too long to reserve your place.

The sessions are Archer-Led, so the Coaches are ready to try to help you with whatever it is you’d like to work on.

The first pair of Coaching Workshop days was held on Saturday 14th January, and seems to have gone well, with several who took part in January deciding to book in for further sessions. There were 35 Archers and 11 coaches, who dealt with a wide range of issues, from straightforward analysis and advice on overall shooting technique to quite specific points such as Bow hand position, body alignment, position of drawing fingers on the string, stabilisation and how to choose, basic arrow tuning, how to use a clicker, first bow selection, release aids – thumb or finger, cam timing, sight adjustment and alignment, bow tiller, arrow rest adjustment, compound centre shot, how to straighten a wooden arrow, plunger button, bare shaft tuning, you name it.

So if you feel that some assistance with your shooting would be good, either in terms of general technique or to get on top of something that you can’t quite work out, these Workshops could be where to get it.

Use this link to get the Booking Form…

2023 Winter Indoor Coaching Booking Form .pdf