Ratpack HAG

What is 3D and 2D?

  • 3D bosses are (in the Ratpack’s case, homemade) foam targets fashioned into shapes resembling animals, fictional or downright bizarre creatures.
  • 2D bosses are far closer to home,  these are flat target faces, usually depicting animals, fixed to a foam boss.

You shoot 1 arrow at each boss from one of 3 coloured pegs.

Each peg is in a different position and each has it’s own challenge.  All boss distances are unmarked.  Yes, unlike target archery, you have to estimate what the distance is!  You will also have to contend with a variety of obstructions laid between you and the boss.

Some bosses are around 40m away, but most are 20m to 30m.

The cost is £10 if you wish to use your own kit or £15 to hire Ratpack kit (recommended!).  The hire kit is a barebow (no sights) recurve beginner bow and wooden arrows.  The fee allows for lost/damaged arrows.  If you use your own kit, arrow loss is down to you!