Frostbite 2017/18


Frostbite 2017/18 results will appear here

If you scored over 200 don’t forget to claim your badge for shooting in the Frostbite league £3.00 each

You can pay for your Frostbite Badges using the PayPal link below, please select the score/s you require and add to cart, multiple badges can be selected before checking out by clicking on the continue shopping link in the top right hand corner on the PayPal page.

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Frostbite Awards    
Frostbite 200Frostbite 225Frostbite 250Frostbite 275Frostbite 300
Frostbite 315Frostbite 330Frostbite 340Frostbite 350Frostbite 355

Another successful Frostbite season concludes with trophies and medals awarded to the winners, if you didn’t get to take part this year why not give it a try when the annual frostbite returns November 2017.


ArcherBow05/11/201703/12/201707/01/201811/02/201804/03/2018TotalTop 3PositionDistance
Updated Nov 2018
Ladies Barebow
Jenny SkempBB194194194130m
Becky BeecherBB142142142230m
Louise ChaterBB102102102330m
Gents Barebow
Matt EllisBB219219219130m
Trevor BeecherBB185185185230m
Paul BurchellBB182182182330m
Andy ChaterBB16916916930m
Mike LansleyBB16816816830m
Ladies Compound
Kim LeaC323323323130m
Gents Compound
Chris SheldrakeC328328328130m
Gents Recurve
Chris JamesR308308308130m
Rob BalmerR307307307230m
Steve ThomsonR306306306330m
Jeff WilsonR23323323330m
Steve WhiteR23123123130m
David BeresfordR17917917930m
Colin SimmonsR88888830m
William SimmonsR73737330m
Ladies Recurve
Lucy BrownR240240240130m
Ladies Traditional
Angela LotenAFB949494
Gents Traditional
Nick LeaTrad999999130m
Gents Longbow
David CoatesLB153153153130m
Robert CarlysleLB123123123230m
Gents Compound
Henry LansleyC277277277130m
Ladies Barebow
Ella JamesBB245245245110m (80cm)
Erin JamesBB209209209210m (80cm)
Gents Barebow
Charlie BrownBB231231231110m (80cm)
Gents Recurve
Aaron BalmerR290290290110m (80cm)

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