As you progress through the Arrow Awards and your handicap improves you can look forward to achieving your classification awards, these are linked to your handicap however in order to achieve the higher classifications you also have to shoot the longer distances.

The classification awards are as follows

3rd Class

2nd Class

1st Class


Master Bowman

Grand Master Bowman

As a rough guide a Senior Gents Recurve 3rd class classification requires you to be shooting a round to a handicap of 58, 2ndclass around 52, 1st class around 41 and Bowman 36.

The last two classifications in the list have to be shot at Record Status competitions and applied to Archery GB for the recognition.

Most new archers achieve their 3rd class classification within the 1st season of joining and reach 2nd or 1st the following year.

If you would like to know more about classifications and how they are calculated please speak to our records officer David Lilly or drop him an email.

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